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Marc & Oui

OuiLuxeStays has been a long time in the making. It is the brainchild of over 15 years in the hospitality industry.

Marc and Oui are both serial entrepreneurs with global experience. They have owned and managed property and holiday accommodation in 9 countries spanning 6 continents. Everything from small apartments in the sun right up to golf resort developments and 200 bed hotels on the banks of the Nile. Through this diversity and experience they have been able to observe the changing trends in tourism and the emergence of serviced accommodation.

Marc and Oui co-owned a successful hotel in the centre of the beautiful city of York, UK. From this viewpoint they witnessed first hand a shift in demand inside the hospitality industry. With the reach of social media and advances in technology the average guest has the world at their fingertips and can compare and contrast a myriad of accommodation options. Gone are the days when someone would book a hotel without wanting to see what their room will look like. Gone are the days where accommodation is just somewhere to lay your head at night and have a wash in the morning!

Guests both leisure and business crave a home from home feel. They crave creature comforts which allow them to explore and enjoy their destination while also having a peaceful haven to return to. Serviced accommodation can offer the facilities and class of a high end hotel but with the comfort of your own space and privacy. It can offer all that and more but at a price comparable or cheaper to hotel options.

OuiLuxeStays was founded on the vision of creating a 5 star product and then providing it at a 3 star price. #breakingthemould became the company motto. Each property in the OuiLuxeStays portfolio has a uniqueness about it. This stand out from the crowd mentality is then exaggerated by the efforts of our seasoned interior designer. Attention to detail ensures you don’t just fall in love with the location but the property itself.

Netflix and a decent Wi-Fi connection became the cornerstone of serviced accommodation. But that was so yesterday! Our properties use those simple features as a base and add style and comfort. Unique features such as views over Old Trafford, on-site gyms, an antique fridge and well stocked Nespresso machines. These and more allow us to continue pushing the boundaries in the hospitality industry and being focussed on the future and what guests want from their stay in years to come.

At the time of writing we have setup 5 unique properties across 3 separate towns and cities in the UK. You can see each property using high quality photography, video walk-through and VR tours so you know exactly what to expect before you book. Always remember to #bookdirect for the best prices and offers and the latest availability for any of our properties.

We are always looking to expand our portfolio. If you are an owner of a unique property and want us to apply our 5 star magic please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

February 2020